HTC’s Action Camera Lets You Stream Live Video To YouTube

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HTC Re Camera

HTC entered into the action camera market with its own camera, Re Camera. The reception for this particular camera was praised by some and shunned by others. HTC will continue to improve the action camera over the year. However, it can increase the feature set through software updates, especially with the new software update that will allow the users to stream video live to YouTube.

Owners of the HTC’s Re’s Android app will receive the new update to live stream video to YouTube on January 9, 2015. This feature will soon be added to the iOS app but that development will have to wait for a few months but will come sometime in the first quarter.

Once the users of the Re action camera receive the update, they can sign into their YouTube account through the app and also share links to the public or private live stream over social media, e-mail, and other means.

The Re camera cannot be used as a remote camera. It needs to connect to a smartphone in order to transfer the footage. However, the Re camera is delivering an advantageous offer in the action camera market.

The feature to live stream video onto YouTube is not new. GoPro can also live stream footage – though the process isn’t simple nor cheap. The easiest way to live stream is through the iOS-only app. Also, the more costly GoPro models have a need for Wi-Fi. Older cameras can be converted with a $79.99 adapter from GoPro. Additionally, other cameras in the action camera market like the $99 Polaroid Cube do not offer live streaming at all.

Should this feature be implemented well, the Re action camera can become a very useful camera. This camera could readily be used on a vacation or at protests to stream footage live.

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