4 Ways to Break the Status Quo of Your Recruiting Process

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4 Ways to Break the Status Quo of Your Recruiting Process

Humans are creatures of habit, we all have heard it before (and definitely will again). We tend to lean on the side of continuing the same old processes, even if we know it is not necessarily the best method. Why? Perhaps it could be because we are better at being reactive rather than proactive.

The workplace tends to move (at what seems to be) a hundred miles per hour. Since we are moving so quickly it can be easier to do damage control rather than take time to plan how to avoid mistakes. The good news is the proactive steps have already been taken – especially when it comes to streamlining your hiring process.

Here are four ways to be more proactive in your candidate search (and stop attracting the wrong job candidates):

Relevant Job Titles

Company culture and employee brand make your company unique. One of the mistakes recruiters make is letting a little too much of those elements bleed into job titles. Think about just searching for something on the Internet. The more complex your search, the smaller results the search will yield.

While calling your Accountant a “Numbers Guru” is great internally, it is hurting you externally on the job boards. When job seekers are looking for an accounting position, they will search “Accountant” or “Accounting,” and your job may not even make it on the list. So when it comes to job titles, keep in mind that unique is not the way to go.

Updated Job Descriptions

Some companies do not experience frequent turnover in certain positions. Then when the position becomes vacant recruiters will use a job description from when the position was last open. Depending on how many years ago that position was open, the landscape of the job could have changed drastically.

If you are using an outdated job description you are not giving potential applicants a fair representation of the position. If the position sounds too archaic, it could cause applicants to turn away. What’s worse, an outdated job description might give unqualified applicants a false sense of hope. If you do end up hiring someone who is actually unqualified, that person is not 100% to blame if he or she does not work out.

Identify “Nice-to-have” and “Need-to-have” Qualifiers

When you’re on the hunt for a new employee, you often have a list in your head of what you want in an ideal candidate. The qualifications you list should not be pages long. With each qualification you add, keep in mind that you are most likely knocking potential candidates out of the running.

Too often, you can unintentionally eliminate a perfect candidate by adding qualifications that are not applicable to the job. A lot of Millennials are just starting their careers, and may not have all the “bells and whistles” qualifications. However, they have the potential to make great employees! So if something is not absolutely necessary for successful performance, you may want to think twice before including it.

Advertise Openings

These days, the tiniest slip up can go “viral” on the Internet. However, you can take the connectivity our world and use it to your advantage! Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), like Hyrell, have the capability to automatically feed your positions to major Internet job boards. Additionally, tools within the system can help you easily post to social media accounts. By advertising openings at your company, you are making the recruiting process more competitive. If you have a larger candidate pool to pull from then the chances of finding your rock star will increase.

Follow these four tips, and you’ll be well on your way to breaking the hiring status quo (and finding your next rock star employee!)

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