15 Quotes From Barbara Corcoran About Growing Your Business

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I had an inspiring Thursday afternoon after listening to a recent Nextiva webinar featuring Barry Moltz and entrepreneur, millionaire, business owner, and star of ABC’s Shark Tank, Barbara Corcoran. In the interview portion of the webinar, Barry Moltz asked Barbara for insights on small business growth.

The conversation covered hiring, culture, balancing work and life (note that latter is nonexistent, according to Barbara), and much more. Listen to it here, and check out some of the top quotes from the webinar below. In addition, join us and fellow Shark Tank star, Kevin O’Leary, at the sales development conference, Drive, on May 7th at 5pm, for even more insightful qotes.

1. “When you have chemistry with a potential hire, they will most likely become a great employee.” – Barbara Corcoran

2. “When recruiting, focus on the potential hire’s gift. What is special about them?” – Barbara Corcora

3. “Money is not the only thing that motivates employees. It’s about making them happy.” – Barbara Corcoran

4. “Don’t teach talent that isn’t there.” – Barbara Corcoran

5. “Become better at firing than hiring – it’s crucial for building a business.” – Barbara Corcoran

6. “If someone doesn’t fit in your company, you have an obligation to get rid of them, because you’re holding them back from excelling elsewhere.” – Barbara Corcoran

7. “I think of my business and investments as extension of my family.” – Barbara Corcoran

8. “Your business is a part of yourself. Should it be? Who knows, but it sure feels that way. You can never really leave it.” – Barbara Corcoran

9. “When you’re building a business, you’re either all in, or your not.” – Barbara Corcoran

10. “Your heart must always be in it. That’s part of an entrepreneur’s DNA.” – Barbara Corcoran

11. “Don’t get cocky just because you’ve had a good run. You can lose your business as fast as you’ve earned it.” – Barbara Corcoran

12. “Innovation and creativity are the juiciest parts of running a business.– Barbara Corcoran

13. “If you’re having fun, you wind up innovating.” – Barbara Corcoran

14. “If you want to have a creative culture, you can’t get it by reading books. You get it by example.” – Barbara Corcoran

15. “People imitate their leader. Lead by example.” – Barbara Corcoran

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