Content Producers Could Be a Company’s Best Asset

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Executive Content ProducerI have talked in the past about the reasons why CEOs need to be on social media and writing content. It is more important than ever.

Well, now I am starting to believe that too many CEOs are fearful of writing content and are trying to take a back seat and not put themselves as representatives of the company.

It takes a lot of integrity and transparency to be able to create content for your company and share the company’s message with others. For this reason, many executives run the other way when they are asked to talk about their passion and desire for the company. However, customers are really wanting to know more and more about companies and they really want to develop relationships with company executives. Again, this might be scary for some of your top officials who have felt more comfortable closing their doors and always staying an arms length away.

Today, companies need to work hard everyday, yes everyday at developing content that resonates with their clients. For this reason, more top people need to be involved in this process and be able to back up their words by placing their name and title behind their content. Today, there is so much content and information and for the most part the information is copied and restated over and over. Many marketing executives are recognizing this trend and are trying to take steps to write better quality content.

My advice, better quality content is one approach, but a more sustainable approach is to identify “Executives” on your team who can serve as your content producers. These people are your difference makers in your company. These people are the “Face of Your Company”. These people should be identified and challenged to write and prepare content that is representative of your company and clients. As an executive, are you willing to take on this challenge or do you want to be just like all of the rest of your executive team.

In addition, it is critical that executives get out in their community and online and make sure they are recognizable for the content they create. It is not just a write it, and they will come and read approach. The company message needs to be delivered, shared and promoted by different marketing channels.

In 2015, I have stayed the course and continued to create content on a weekly basis, (3-5 times a week). I am seeing an increase in traffic, new clients and ultimately more business. I can only speak from my experiences, but I am seeing the value in top executives becoming content producers. It might be an area you want to look at closer in your own company.

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