10 Content Creation Tools and Resources the Pros Can’t Live Without

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If you are looking for ways to add more visual content to your work, there are certain content creation tools that you really shouldn’t be without. In fact, the tools you need to use are not only going to allow you to have that visual content you want so badly, but also are so easy to use that you don’t need to be an experienced techie or graphic artist to use them. Check out these tools, which are favorites among the top visual social media experts.

  1. Free Stock Images – Here you can find a number of websites that all have amazing images. The best part is, these are free stock images, so you can use them at any time.
  2. Designspiration – Are you looking for inspirations for your designs? If so, look no further than this tool. You can even search by color palette for color ideas. You can grab as many as five colors, and see designs that have used that particular five-color palette. This is a great way to get the inspiration you need for all of your projects.
  3. OlloClip – Creativity is the name of the game when you use this app. You can give your photos a whole new look with wide-angle and fisheye lenses, just to name a couple of fun things you can do with OlloClip.
  4. WordSwag – Sometimes you are not at your computer, but that is no reason not to be able to spice up your images from any place, just by using your mobile phone. So, use this tool, and you can do just that.
  5. InstaQuote – When you are super-busy, at conferences, etc., but you still want to share things with your Instagram followers, this is an awesome little tool. It will create quotes and share them to all of your followers, even if you are too busy to keep up with it yourself.
  6. Over – This is a tool that you can use if you are an Android or an iPhone user, and it is one of the favorite apps for many designers. Over has some awesome features that allow you a lot of flexibility over all of the things you design.
  7. Chrome Eye Dropper – If you are looking for a plug-in for Google Chrome that will let you get the HEX color code for any color from any webpage, and get it for free, you need this tool. It can come in pretty handy when you see colors that you want to use for your own visuals.
  8. Palettab – This is a Chrome extension that will give you loads of inspiration for visuals. Each time you open a tab, you will get a brand new color palette and a set of combinations of fonts. You always get to use something different so your visuals never look stale.
  9. Afterlight – Many people love to take pictures, but they aren’t good at it, and not really able to get the most appealing photos. If this sounds like you, there is help, in the form of Afterlight. It offers scalable frames, textures, and filters you can tweak. If you are using iOS or Android, this app is available for you to use.
  10. Beautiful Mess – This isn’t the app to use for all brands, as it is a bit on the feminine side, but it is a great way to make your photos really stand out. There are loads of awesome fonts and filters, and if you aren’t the best photographer in the world, you will soon look like you are by using this app, which is available for iOS and Android users.

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