3 Easy Ways To Control Comments On Your YouTube Videos

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If you have a Youtube channel then you know the importance of the comments that people leave on your videos. Whether you take them personally or not, the comments that are left are a reflection of your video, your channel, and of you. So how can we control what people write in the on our videos?

The Positives Of Comments

Comments bring a level of authenticity to your Youtube channel. Viewers can watch what you have to say and then see what others thought of your video and your content. Comments are also a great way to reflect upon yourself and your videos. People can be brutally honest, sometimes they can be cruel, but if you dig through objectively you can find some great constructive criticism. Not all posts are negative, in fact, if you are doing it right then most of your comments are probably positive. Those are just as helpful to growing your channel. Looking at what people most enjoy about your videos, and themes that they enjoy watching, you can better grow your channel over time. Growing with your audience is just as important as >>>keeping up with trends.<<< Listening to what your audience wants and continuously delivering new and exciting material for them is one of the most effective ways to maintain a loyal audience.

If you don’t allow comments on your videos it does not send a great message. It might make it seem like no one writes anything positive, in which case you would be force to not allow any comments. It will also frustrate viewers who want to write something but can’t. One of the great things about Youtube is the ability to share and communicate thoughts form anywhere. If you take that away form your viewers they may feel like they are loosing out on half of the experience that a Youtube channel offers.

Comments give your channel really positive stats as well. Stats that can help generate better SEO and more subscribers. Comments can increase the average watch time of your video. Many people scroll down through the comments either before or while they watch your video to determine if they want to keep watching. If you have a lot of buzz about your content people will be more likely to watch longer. If viewers feel inclined to leave comments further posts will generate notifications that will keep them coming back to the video to read. That should also motivation for you to write back to people and interact more with your viewers.

The Negatives Of Comments

The negative of comments is negative comments. No one likes to read negative things about themselves or their videos. Many negative comments may not be constructive, they may just be haters. That’s okay. If you can recognize the haters then chances are others can too. If a negative post is going to stop someone from subscribing to your channel, then chances are they were never going to subscribe. Everyone understands that their are hater out there, you just have to remember that your viewers love your content and that’s what keeps them coming back for more.

It can be very time consuming to monitor your video’s comments. It is important to catch anything inappropriate. Negative posts are one thing, but something that may be offensive or inappropriate for your other viewers needs to be monitored. It is also a good idea, although it may be time consuming, to write back to people. Starting a dialogue or even just thanking them for saying something nice can go along way. It is one of the responsibilities that goes along with having a Youtube channel.

Controlling Your Comments

Comments are time consuming, and people can say nasty things, but there are ways to save you time. You can control what is allowed on your channel. You have a few options to help you monitor the negative comments. One of them is using Youtube comment moderation. This allows you to choose keywords that you don’t want to allow in any of your posts. They can be provocative words, negative words, anything that you don’t want on your videos. Another option is to bring a little humor to all the negativity. Hide Fedora is an app you can download that turns negative comments into “Meow Meow.” This is a hilarious way to hide negative things that people write and it does all the work for you. Another great feature that this app offers is the ability to hit an “HF” button that shows up under each name that write on your video. If you notice someone who is continuously writing negative things on you videos you can block them from your channel just by clicking the “HF” button. This is a great tool to help you monitor content on your video.

If you are mainly concerned with others seeing negative comments, let me put your mind at ease. We all love Google because they are geniuses. Let me give you one more reason to love them.  Google Plus is so smart that it knows which posts are getting the most re-post and giving the most beneficial content. It moves those posts to the top, leaving the all the negativity way down at the bottom where many people don’t see it.

When it comes to comments, don’t worry, have fun with your audience and enjoy the interaction. You know your content is good and so do your viewers.

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