DXRacer Shows Off Customizable Ergonomic Chairs At CES 2015 [Hands-On]

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If you like to game and you spend hours upon hours in an uncomfortable chair, you are doing yourself a great injustice. The team at DXRacer offers a lineup of customizable chairs that are not only comfortable, but also good for your back, legs, and other body parts.

At CES 2015 the company was showing off several of their high-end ergonomically designed seats.


The moment I saw down in a DXRacer seat I could feel the difference the chairs would make during gaming marathons. The lumbar support in the first chair I demo’d was perfectly placed, taking tension off my back, while the head rest kept my neck aligned while still facing towards the big screen TV and smaller computer monitors I tested.


The chairs can be customized on the fly with the help of easy to thread straps that makes changing each part of the chair a breeze.  Simply snap and unsnap pieces or adjust straps for different height requirements. I slightly moved the head rest in about five seconds, creating a more comfortable feel for my body type.


Myself and fellow Business 2 Community writer Nick Jones both agreed that the chairs were designed for prolonged use and would likely affect gamers in a positive way.


If you prefer to add more dimensions to your DXRacer chairs, there are options for steering wheels, foot rests, tablet holders, and many additional accessories.

I love the stadium seat design, the obvious craftsmanship that goes into every chair, and the design that shouts: It’s time to game.

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