Your Customer Experience Must Save Your Customers Time

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If you want to deliver a strong, effortless customer experience, you should ensure that it saves your customers time.

Sounds obvious, right?

If so, why is it that some companies still deliver a rudimentary customer experience, and not a “blink and you’re done” process?

Customer experience isn’t just about making our customers happy, although that is a part of it. To make our customers loyal, we can’t just provide nice touches throughout their experience; we must save our customers time. Ultimately, this is something a customer wants, as they value their time and it will make them more efficient.

Netflix’s customer experience can be navigated in a fraction of the time it used to take us to go to Blockbuster’s retail store and pick up a movie.

A few pushes of a button and our mode of transportation arrives through Uber.

Shyp allows us to accomplish a painful task, going to the post office, in a quick and easy manner by simply taking a picture of what we want couriered.

ZenPayroll saves payroll professionals and small business entrepreneurs countless hours through their slick UI and UX.

These four companies are winning because they are saving their customers time, an irreplaceable resource, and making their experience effortless. Now, maybe you’re not a big technology company with millions of dollars in funding. Regardless, that doesn’t mean you can’t create processes to make your experience more fluid. If you don’t, it’s only a matter of time until an entrepreneur will sniff out your industry’s rudimentary experience, reinvents the hell, and starts taking market share from you. It’s not a matter of if this will happen; it’s a matter of when.

Your business’ customer experience must save your customer time if you want to create a competitive advantage for the long-term. Your competitors may try to copy your strategy, but your customers will always remember who was the first to save them time.

So how do you go about creating systems to save your customers time? You must first create a customer journey map with your executive team. If you are a small business owner, you can do this on your own. Map out each and every customer touch point, then identify the rudimentary interactions your customers are having with your company. From there, you can start building operational improvement strategies to “increase the good and reduce the bad.”

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