Creating Contagious Content For Moms: What Brands Need To Know

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If your brand targets moms, your social media strategy may need a major overhaul, according to a recent study conducted by Yummy Mummy Club (YMC) in Canada.

“Brands still think that pushing out stories about how great they are will resonate with moms,” Erica Ehm, the founder of YMC, told me. Instead, she suggests brands share their message in a meaningful way. It may be a subtle difference, but it’s an important one.

Ehm launched YMC to create an online destination to help multitasking moms manage their busy lives with advice on parenting, pregnancy, fashion and more. Earlier this year, she conducted an online survey with 1,674 YMC members. While many of the findings are predictable, others are startling.

In the predictable category: moms are active on social media; 90 percent of those surveyed share content on social networks; and, most of the time, moms hang out online on Facebook (although half also visit YouTube, blogs, Pinterest, and Twitter at least weekly).

The startling results: less than two out of 10 (19 percent) of moms surveyed say they have had a meaningful interaction with a brand on social media.

“What we found with those 19 percent who did indicate they’d had a positive interaction, it was a customer service interaction,” Ehm said. “The upside is brands are managing relationships with current customers. But marketing isn’t just about keeping customers happy. It’s about getting new customers.”

While the YMC study is a dismal report card on brand’s online interaction with moms, some brands are creating contagious content—highly shareable videos, blog posts, tips, and photos—for moms that allows these products to engage effectively on social media.

Here are 10 examples of brands getting it right with moms in a number of ways.

10 Ways Brands Create Contagious Content

#1: Entertain

Brand: HelloFlo, a tampon subscription service

Social Media Platform: YouTube

Tactic: Camp Gyno Ad, 10 million views and counting

#2: Inspire

Brand: Yumbox, a lunchbox for kids and adults

Social Media Platform: Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter

Tactic: Sandwich Free Lunches




#3: Parenting Tips

Brand: Mabel’s Labels

Social Media Platforms: Blog, Facebook, and Twitter

Tactic: How to talk to kids about strangers and safety

mabel label on facebook

mabel label on twitter

#4: Capitalize On Current Events

Brands: Canadian Living, Huggies

Social Media Platform: Facebook

Tactic: Celebrating the royal baby

Canadian Living Royal

Huggies and the royal baby

#5: Be Socially Responsible

Brand: Telus

Social Media Platform: Facebook

Tactic: Free calls and texts to Nepal

Telus Call Nepal Free

#6: Provide Easy Health Tips

Brand: Canadian Living

Social Media Platform: Facebook

Tactic: Why we need our sleep

Canadian Living Sleep Health tips

#7: Contests

Brand: Kimberley’s Cupcakes

Social Media Platform: Facebook

Tactic: Caption contest


#8: Deals

Brand: Disney

Social Media Platform: Facebook

Tactic: Disney dining deal

Disney dining deal

#9: Reach Out

Brand: Starbucks

Social Media Platform: Facebook

Tactics: Home Brewing Week

Starbucks Home Brewing

#10: Share Feel Good Moments

Brand: Plum Organics

Social Media Platform: YouTube

Tactic: Amazing Moments asked moms to share special benchmarks with their kids, anything from first smiles to first steps to first tantrums

Moms Are People, Too

According to some experts, creating content people love to share is the secret to success. Yet when it comes to moms, many brands are missing important ingredients in their social media playbook.

If you want to reach this desirable consumer group in a meaningful way, be real, authentic and genuine. Make moms smile. Provide information to make their lives easier.

And remember, moms are multi-faceted people who have interests beyond parenting.

About the study: “Creating Shareable Content for Moms: What Brands Need to Know” is based on findings from an online survey of Yummy Mummy Club members conducted in January 2015. The research was conducted with 1,674 Canadians and included a mix of close-ended and open-ended questions.

Download the white paper here.

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