BYOD is Toast…No Wait, BYOD is Alive

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If youClose up of a man using mobile smart phone‘ve ever put on a health report on the local news for more than 10 seconds, you know that you pretty much have to take everything you hear on TV with a grain of salt.

Take, for instance, the widely debated effects of coffee. In recent years, you’d hear plenty of news reports touting the dangers of too much coffee — increased risk for heart disease, high blood pressure…you name it. The hype and fear was so high that it wouldn’t have surprised anyone if reporters told us coffee would cause dinosaurs to fall out of the sky.

Contrast this now with multiple reports as of late stating that coffee is probably not even that bad for you, even at doses that would make your doctor blush (six or seven cups a day!).

The Bring-Your-Own-Device phenomenon in recent weeks has been a victim of the same flip-flopping. There have been reports of the BYOD debate not being over just yet, even though others have already placed BYOD as DOA.

According to the Computerworld article on a pro-BYOD report, “respondents said there’s widespread use of personal phones for work, including 61% of respondents in the U.S., 69% in Spain and 43% in the U.K. A headline by the poll’s sponsor trumpeted: ‘BYOD: The new norm.’”

On the other side of the fence, where BYOD has fallen from grace is in its hidden costs. According to Aberdeen research, IT shops are coming to the realization that BYOD isn’t quite the free ride they thought it would be. Sure, IT doesn’t have to pay for the phones — employees foot the bill! — but they have to certainly pay for the costs associated with securing and managing these devices.

And these aren’t uniform company devices with a fixed cost across the board to manage. What a Windows Phone may cost, for example, to secure, manage, and monitor may not be what a first-generation smartphone or iPhone costs to do the same.

But as we’ve seen with the TV scares in health, just wait a day if you’re scared to pick up that cup of joe. If you’re not buying that BYOD is dead yet, just wait a day. One thing is for sure: The fact that we’re even debating BYOD this much, this late in the game, means that a comprehensive smart device gameplan must be top of mind for IT managers and execs alike.

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