Tips to Produce Viral Content That Drives Enormous Traffic To Your Site

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Have you ever seen a post that looks like it was written by keeping SEO in mind? Was it great? Did you see lumps of keywords just stuffed for no reason and it provides a dull effect?

True! Writing for just stuffing keywords may seem like a good idea, but it will not end up with success. You can better opt on writing for humans!

Writing exciting stories for humans will of course make it likable and sharable right? Here are a few ways I like to let you know about how to write viral content that will get sure likes and shares.

  • Always focus on targeting an audience on writing great stuff what they exactly want to read. The search engine robots will in turn recognize you when people read and share your content!
  • Stuffing keywords or copying content does not work, though it may seem to be great for you. But actually it will harm you more than as you think!
  • Make use of your own words and styles! Search engine bots will like people those who utilize grammatical variations and synonyms of the actual keywords.
  • Answer yourself on your prospect questions! This will definitely help you out and do wonders.
  • Copywriting is not an offense. But one must know how to use it effectively to be on a safer side. Here are a few tips and tricks that might work for you:

Content Matters:

It is a vital fact as you all know “Content is King”. Content has always the potential to reach you out to the audience. Creating a well-written copy that favors on interesting gossips which is related to your niche will make you go beyond increasing your popularity and rank you to the top.

In this emerging world of SEO it is important to make people read your content. Hence, writing for humans is essential. The search engine will prefer natural and quality content that is more readable and sharable. With the help of keywords make search engine bots to identify your content but never forget to write for readers!

Compelling Title Tags and Snippets:

It is always the topic i.e., the title that grabs attention of the visitors to read your content. Provide an exciting title that tempts readers to make a look over your content. Title tag is always the first thing people will see to measure your content. Use appropriate tags that are professional and well-structured. Don’t miss to make use of H1 and H2 tags.

Snippets are nothing but the meta description that are displayed on the search results page of the search engine. Provide optimized content on the meta description that provides a great way to get yourself recognized by search engine bots!

Don’t Cram Keywords:

When you are stuffing keywords in the article or a page of your website will make it look like all the keywords that are related to your niche are running together on your page making it unprofessional. Though it’s important to use keywords in your content in order to optimize it, do it naturally. Placing keywords inappropriately will harm you adversely!

Instead take advantage of the long tail keywords that makes more sense. Since they have lower search volume it is much easier to gain quality traffic. You can also try using related synonyms and providing grammatical variations on to your keywords helps you content to look natural and more relevant too.

Provide Interesting Images:

There are many tools that provide wonderful images that are relevant to your search query. They provide copyright-free images that lower the risk of spamming images. Choose eye-catching images that match your content which attract lots of visitors and in-turn website traffic.

Get Your Content Shared:

Once you publish your article, do post in on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. so that readers who like your content will share it and spread your presence everywhere. Don’t forget Google+ as it’s getting viral to grow bigger on SEO. The Author rank and Authorship is getting smarter to connect the ranking factor which boosts your content regardless of where it is posted.

Hope the above tips will help you out in increasing tour strategy towards content writing in a new way!

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