Don’t Let Your Online Presence Be Closed to Customers

2 min read · 6 years ago


networksImagine you have a traditional business with a real-world storefront. What if, when potential customers tried to come into your business and purchase your products and services, they had a hard time getting in? What if the front door was hard to open? Or there were no attendants up front, forcing customers to wait a long time for service?

No company would allow their physical business presence to operate in this way. But online, many organizations are doing essentially the same thing. By not having end-to-end visibility into everything that can impact the performance and reliability of their websites, businesses are basically making it hard for potential customers to do business with them.

One of the biggest problems is that traditional approaches to web performance are often siloed into different group responsibilities. Developers did testing to make sure their code was performing well but didn’t care much about servers, cloud systems or Internet connectivity and issues. Operations staff worked hard to optimize and tune servers — both physical and virtual/cloud servers — but didn’t understand how issues across the Internet could impact performance or even bring a site down for some users.

Without the whole picture of what’s impacting the performance of their online presence, businesses aren’t able to fix issues and keep their sites performing and welcoming to customers. However, Aberdeen research has shown that there is a way for companies to get a better view into performance.

By taking an end-to-end approach to understanding web performance, businesses can see everything that impacts the performance of their sites. With this total picture at their disposal, they not only know what is causing problems, but they can quickly take real-time action to address these issues before they become a problem for users.

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