Gifting button lets users buy presents without knowing recipient’s size

2 min read · 7 years ago



When buying gifts of clothing, customers are often faced with two options — ask the recipient about their size and preferences and ruin the surprise, or take a guess and risk buying them something unsuitable. For online retailers, this leads to high instances of cart abandonment and increased return and exchange costs. Now, Loop Commerce is a retail startup that offers another option via their e-gifting service. The Loop E-gift button enables consumers to choose and purchase a gift online, but leaves the specifics up to the recipient.


The E-gift button can be added to online retailers’ product pages, enabling businesses to give their customers this flexible option. The service can be integrated into existing platforms in under a month — it also provides actionable insights for the company. Once the button is installed, customers can choose to e-gift an item at checkout. They will be prompted to enter the recipient’s email address — which the ‘gift’ will be sent to — with the option to add a personal note. Upon opening the email, the recipient will be directed to the relevant store to choose preferences such as size and color, and redeem their item, which is then delivered to their desired address.

E-gifting sits somewhere in between gift cards and physical presents, opening up a huge range of items that would previously have been though of as ‘difficult to gift.’ Could event tickets — such as theatre trips — or other items be sold in a similar way?


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