A rock and roll smartphone for musicians from Marshall

2 min read · 7 years ago



As anyone who has ever shared a bus with a teenager knows, the noise that comes out of the average smartphone’s inbuilt speakers is a tinny, compressed travesty — robbing the latest Rihanna song of its much-needed frequencies. Now, the Marshall London is a smartphone for music lovers with a pair of front-facing speakers that provide a higher standard of portable listening, as well as a host of other muso-related features.

The London has inherited the design of Marshall’s legendary amplifiers: it is a stylish black rectangle adorned with gold buttons, inputs and on-screen controls. A button at the top enables the user to jump straight to their music, and a headphone jack on either side allows for dual listening. The speakers have a dedicated sound card and an enhanced bass, and the device comes with high quality in-ear headphones. The London also features a built-in equalizer app, a DJ app and the ability to store and play high quality FLAC files. Aimed at musicians, the smartphone also boasts dual microphones, both with noise reduction, which can record sound in stereo.


The Marshall London is available for pre-order at EUR 549 for delivery in September. Are there other ways to adapt smartphones for different consumer groups?

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