Personalized bargain app gives customers 60 seconds to grab deals

< 1 min read · 7 years ago



Though many already like to shop on the basis of what is on sale, a bargain works even better when it is tailored to the customer. The team behind a new app, Benjamin, is the latest startup to subscribe to that philosophy. Offering personalized bargains from brand partners, the app marries tailored offers with a Tinder-style buy or pass interface that gives consumers only 60 seconds to make their reduced-price impulse purchases.


Part of the temptation of a bargain is its limited time availability, and we previously saw Speedsale play on this impulse in an even more extreme way, giving customers only four seconds to grab a bargain. Benjamin adapts the model into a more contemporary, user-friendly app, by extending the timeframe, allowing a swipe action, and offering deals based on users’ interests and sizes.

Benjamin is currently in public Beta. How else could online shopping be adjusted to make the most of impulse buyers?