Educational site lets anyone watch live-streamed professional coding sessions

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Coding is an increasingly valuable skill, and we have seen a number of online platforms springing up to offer free coding tutorials. Asciinema is an open source coding archive which enables users to record coding sessions directly from their terminal for other users to learn from, while Free Code Camp is an organization letting anyone learn to code for free by working on projects for nonprofits. Position somewhere between the two is, which hosts live stream videos of experienced programmers coding, while encouraging viewers to ask questions and give feedback.

The site has already attracted 40,000 users from 162 countries. Users follow other members and are notified when they start a new stream. Since the videos are streamed live, viewers gain more insight than they would watching an edited YouTube tutorial, which is likely to edit out a lot of the trial and error problem-solving that can be very valuable to beginners. Coders also benefit from the enhanced concentration that is created by knowing they have an audience.

Could other creative skills be taught in this way, with live streaming encouraging a more honest portrayal of maker processes?


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