Gesture control system enables hands-free smartwatch interaction

< 1 min read · 7 years ago



Owners of a smartwatch benefit from the convenience of having their communication device easily accessible: all they need to do is reach over with their other hand and touch the screen. But there are times when the wearer’s other hand is occupied — holding onto the subway pole for instance — so Deux-Ex Aria is a gesture control system that lets users control their Pebble or other smartwatches with simple finger gestures.

Aria is available in two forms — the smartstrap for Pebble Time or a clip add-on for Android Wear. Users begin by attaching the system to their device, either by wired communication or Bluetooth. They can then choose either to adopt the pre-programmed gestures or customize them to better suit their natural actions. Aria then translates designated tendon movements to answer or refuse calls, check and read emails, play music, or control the smart watch’s photo app.

Deux Ex Aria is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, where it has already surpassed its USD 100,000 goal. Backers can pre-order the devices from USD 69, and the first orders are expected to be delivered in May 2016.

How else could gesture control make interaction with smart devices more seamless?


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