Kids’ tablet subscription includes no-questions-asked replacements

< 1 min read · 7 years ago



There are a whole host of devices designed specifically for children, but Fuhu are hoping to set theirs apart with the USD 9.99 per month Nabi Pass Tab subscription bundle. The two year package buys users a Nabi 2S as well as unlimited content from numerous high-profile partnerships including Disney and Nickelodeon.


Fuhu’s tablets are android devices designed for both entertainment and education. The Nabi Pass Tab includes unlimited curated movies, music, games and ebooks as well as access to Wings Adaptive Learning System, which features over 300,000 questions for pre-k to 6th grade kids covering math, reading and writing. Nabi tablets all come with drop-safe bumpers but Fuhu will also replace any broken tablet with no questions asked.

How else could businesses adapt their devices to be more kid-friendly?