New service offers on-demand breakups

< 1 min read · 7 years ago



Weird Of The Week: This is part of a series of articles that looks at some of the most bizarre and niche business ideas we see here at Springwise.

There’s no easy way to breakup with someone. Flowers, drawn-out phone calls or the dreaded text message are all imperfect solutions to that age old problem. Skirting these methods – and offering something potentially even more dubious – is a new Australian service called Sorry It’s Over, that will deliver the bad news on your behalf.

Outsourcing your guilt to the company costs as little as AUD 5.50 for a generic text message, while pricier options include a hamper complete with peanuts, chocolates and wine. To really hand over responsibility users can even recruit a person to do the deed for them, for as little as AUD 66.

The company hopes to appeal to Generation Y users, believing them to be more scared of confrontation than previous generations. We’ve seen plenty of services promising to make relationships in recent years – from the ubiquitous Tinder to more niche offerings like Mind Find – but Sorry It’s Over is the first to do the opposite.

Are there any other awkward conversations that could be dealt with by companies on our behalf?


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