Social media site pays members with cryptocurrency for using the platform

< 1 min read · 7 years ago



The world may not need another social media platform, but perhaps one that makes every user an owner and doesn’t put its user base at the mercy of intrusive advertising can carve out a place for itself. Aimed at teenagers, Reveal is a new app which combines social media with its own integrated cryptocurrency, making every user an owner.

Reveal is a smartphone app which encourages users to ask questions that other members can engage with — replying via photo, video or text. Members can create a profile or remain anonymous and interact with friends and strangers, asking funny and revealing questions of their own creation. Users earn Reveal Coin by inviting friends to join or simply contributing their time and content. The cryptocurrency will become more valuable as the app develops and will eventually be used to finance and control advertising: advertisers will need to purchase space using the Reveal Coin, meaning they will have to purchase it from the app users themselves.

Are there other ways to give users of social media platforms more ownership of their content?