In Brazil, any citizen can issue a disability awareness parking ticket

2 min read · 7 years ago



Most cities have dedicated parking spots for disabled citizens but they are only effective if others don’t use them. Now, the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo has launched a campaign to remind people of the importance of disabled parking spots by introducing warning tickets designed to look like fines. The tickets can be printed and issued by anyone and placed on any car wrongly parked in a disabled space.

Parking attendants already have the authority to fine anyone found parked illegally on a disabled space, but this campaign enables all residents to lend a helping hand. Participants are encouraged to print off the tickets and place them on cars which they find wrongly parked in disabled bays. The tickets look like parking fines and feature text reminding the recipient of the importance of refraining from using the spaces.


There is no monetary fee associated with the ticket; instead they simply spread awareness of the issue, but by mimicking the design of a parking fine, the recipient is likely to take the warning more seriously. Are there other responsibilities that could distributed among well-meaning citizens?


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