Multi-stream platform lets users share their video everywhere at once

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There are an ever-growing number of live video platforms, and getting videos up on all of them is often time-consuming and complicated, leading users to pick one platform and stick with it. Now, Joicaster is a multi-streaming platform which enables organizations of all kinds — from universities to award shows and conferences — to live-stream their HD videos everywhere, from a single source video.

To begin, users purchase a Joicaster account — choosing a pricing plan appropriate to their needs. The most basic account, which is free, only broadcasts to the Joicaster Network, YouTube and Stream Up, while pro accounts enable users to choose five platforms from a selection of thirteen. For example, gamers might choose YouTube, Twitch and GamingLive. The user then sends Joicaster a single HD source stream and Joicaster will syndicate it to all their desired platforms in real-time, saving the consumer bandwidth and reducing their workload. Joicaster also has a simple dashboard, which enables users to access engagement data for all platforms simultaneously.

Joicaster is currently offering reduced rates as part of an ‘Early Access’ program. Prices start at USD 4.95 per month and rise to USD 79.95 for the most extensive coverage. We have already seen Epoxy help YouTubers streamline their online content. Are there other services which could help streamers reach wider audiences?


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