Platform helps businesses find every journalist that’s ever tweeted about them

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Twitter and other social networks have become central to the marketing campaigns of most businesses. That reliance on social channels makes active users — and in particular journalists — potentially very influential on would-be customers. Now, a new resource called Anewstip makes it easier for businesses to source and contact relevant users, who have previously engaged with their brand.

Anewstip enables organizations and businesses to search more than one billion tweets — every message sent since the platform launched in 2006 — including those sent by over a million journalists and media outlets. To begin, users simply enter their search term, be it their business name, product or that of competitor. The site will then display all relevant messages and the user can create media contact lists, which are organized like spreadsheets. Anewstip Alerts enables users to monitor Twitter timelines in real-time and receive alerts anytime a tweet with a chosen keyword or name appears. Finally, users can pitch to multiple journalists simultaneously and track who has opened the message.

Are there other platforms which could help businesses filter through the noise of social media to find relevant resources?


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