Lifesaving bindi is a wearable iodine supplement

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In rural India, iodine deficiency contributes to the medical problems of millions of women each year. Despite the country supplementing its salt with the vital nutrient, there are still an estimated 350 million Indians who don’t get enough in their diet. That deficiency can cause complications during pregnancy, preventable brain damage and more. Now, an initiative called Life Saving Dot is helping underprivileged women to get their required iodine dosage, via enhanced, nutritious bindis.

The program was created by Grey For Good — the philanthropic arm of Grey Group Singapore — and Neelvasant Medical Foundation and Research Center. It transforms the bindi from a symbol of beauty, traditionally worn by Indian women on the forehead, into a lifesaving accessory. Grey for Good have distributed their Life Saving Dots — iodine patches worn as bindis — to five villages since March via medical camps. The wearer can choose from a variety of colored bindis which, once applied, dispense the necessary iodine during the course of the day.

The campaign is an excellent way to not only provide a life-saving service, but also to raise awareness of the importance of iodine supplements both inside and outside India. We have seen tradition and technology combined in other decorative accessories such as Khushi Baby — how else could medical necessities be transformed into visual reminders?


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