Helpful travelers exchange chores for accommodation

2 min read · 7 years ago



Airbnb and the like have made it possible for travelers to rent accommodation directly from their peers, helping visitors find unique and affordable places to stay, and enabling homeowners to earn an extra income. Now, a new platform called Amons wants to make the process even more mutually beneficial by swapping out monetary payments for personal services.

Amons enables hosts to offer short-term accommodation to skilled guests, who can help with tasks such as house renovation, language lessons or babysitting in return for bed and board. Hosts can either list their homes on the site for free or pay a one-off fee of USD 3 to create a verified profile. There are already a wide range of locations and requests — from a house in Australia in need of a video editor to a solar paneling company in Portland seeking someone to help in the kitchen.


Travelers pay a monthly subscription of USD 6.99 to use the matchmaking service, which enables them to browse or search the offers and connect with potential hosts. The platform also supports private video chats between hosts and travelers, enabling both parties to get to know each other better before confirming their arrangements.


We have already seen EatWith and Backstreet Academy helping local hosts to share the fruits of their labor with visitors, and now Amons does the same for guests. How else could people exchange their skills for global experiences?


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