Analysis tool helps companies improve their website content

2 min read · 6 years ago



Many businesses now subscribe to the belief that ‘content is king’, using online blogs and website posts as a marketing tool to attract and maintain their customer-base. But this involves a lot of guesswork or trial and error, as content marketers attempt to create the content that captures their audience’s attention. Offering to make this a more scientific process, MarketMuse is a startup that uses semantic algorithms to help businesses find and fill any content gaps on their websites, which can lead to better search rankings.

To begin, companies simply visit the platform and enter their domain address, which enables the tool to begin ‘crawling’ the site. Then, the user enters a key word and the platform analyses top web content to discover what is missing from the clients site, using the MarketMuse Keyword Relevance Engine. Next, it uses the data to create comprehensive charts and diagrams, with related keywords, to help the content marketer understand their site’s shortcomings. Users can utilize this information to fix their gaps, by writing topics into their existing content or creating new content. The platform can also be used to weed out and improve low-quality content that strays too far from the desired keywords.

MarketMuse offers a Pro Marketer account for USD 95 per month, which will analyze a single domain of up to 10,000 pages using 50 keywords. Are there other editorial tools that could help businesses manage and enhance their online presence?