Seaweed pasta is crowdharvested from the Irish coast

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Seaweed has been eaten in parts of the world for hundreds of years and the growth of Japanese cuisine in the US and Europe over the last century has made Nori a familiar menu item. Now, Seamore Food, a Dutch start-up, wants to transform it from an exotic ingredient into a superfood staple with their I Sea Pasta — a delicious, nutritious tagliatelle, made entirely from seaweed.


Seamore are not the first company to experiment with seaweed pasta but they are the first to attempt to crowdharvest the sea vegetable: the startup have launched a crowdfunding campaign on One Planet Crowd in order to finance a harvest large enough to make the product an affordable, healthy pasta alternative. Pledgers can pre-order four packs of I Sea Pasta and an inspirational cookbook for EUR 25.

I Sea Pasta will be produced from unprocessed seaweed, found on the west coast of Ireland. It is a sustainable food option which doesn’t require the use of land, fertilizer or pesticides and Seamore Food have pledged to monitor the seawater and seaweed itself to ensure their harvest doesn’t negatively effect the underwater ecosystem. It is also healthy: high in iron, low in calories, vegan, organic and gluten free, seaweed pasta offers a low carb alternative to traditional pasta.


Are there other healthy, sustainable foods which could be repositioned as staples?


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