Platform lets small traders profit from sharing their investments

< 1 min read · 7 years ago



Newcomers to the world of investments are likely to get their tips from friends, family or business acquaintances and Instavest is a new platform which aims to provide an infrastructure for that process. Instavest enables speculators to easily share their trading behavior with friends and other users, potentially receiving a portion of the profits from users who benefit from following their trades.

To begin, small investors create an account and post their stock market investments on the site, detailing the company, amount and rationale behind the investment. Potential investors can then browse the full list of investments on the site and choose a trade to replicate. They can mimic the trade entirely through Instavest, which will automatically mimic the behavior of the original investor when they sell or buy more stocks in the company. Users are encouraged to give the original trader a portion of their profits — approximately 5 percent: Instavest takes 20 percent of that 5 percent.

Are there other ways to make trading easier for small investors?


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