Fitness wear uses inbuilt resistance to improve workouts

< 1 min read · 7 years ago



Even the most dedicated fitness fanatic has days when they can’t workout for as long as they’d like. Now, Physiclo — previously known as Rxactive — is a line of fitness wear with built-in resistance that can help wearers achieve significantly more from the same exercise regime — including increased muscle activation and more calories burnt.

Physiclo garments — users can currently choose from leggings or shorts — feature power mesh panels that generate extra resistance by counteracting the motions of the wearer. This increases the wearers heart rate and helps them burn up to 14 percent more calories, as well as increasing the workout of their key leg muscle groups — the hamstrings, quads and glutes — by up to 23 percent. The garments are made from breathable anti-microbial fabric, and are machine washable.


Physiclo is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo where backers can preorder shorts or leggings from USD 89. How else could fitness clothing be used to improve performance?


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