Smartwatch app lets bosses track their employee’s work goals in realtime

< 1 min read · 7 years ago



Attempting to fill in the gaps between progress reports, BetterWorks is a performance tracking platform which enables enterprises to track their entire team in realtime using a smartphone app — soon also to be available on the Apple watch.

Creator Kris Duggan likens the service to a FitBit for work: instead of fitness goals, the platform is used to monitor work goals, created by the team themselves and their employers. To begin, a company will agree on specific goals for every employee and input them to the app’s dashboard — which creates dynamic, responsive visuals to engage employees. Then, users — both managers and workers — can track their own and everyone else’s progress from their own device or desktop.

BetterWorks encourages greater degrees of transparency and interaction among the workforce: users are encouraged to utilize the social aspects of the platform, virtually ‘nudging’ and ‘cheering’ co-workers depending on their performance. Are there other ways of using quanitified data to improve teamwork and goal achievement in the workplace?


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