Fashionable, temperature regulating clothes are inspired by polar bears’ fur

< 1 min read · 7 years ago



Designers have often looked to the animal kingdom for clothing inspiration, whether it be for style or function, and now UK apparel brand HotSquash have created a practical clothing range inspired by the fur of the polar bear — which will keep the wearer warm in the cold and cool in the heat.

HotSquash recently launched their ‘cool range’ and ‘warm collection’, both of which include dresses, skirts, jackets and more, all made with temperature regulating fabrics to stop the wearer getting uncomfortably hot or cold. The summer range uses CoolFresh fabric which combines multi-channel and hollow fibres to help minimize clamminess and enable perspiration to dry twice as quickly as cotton or wool. HotSquash’s Warm Collection uses ThinHeat technology which is inpsired by the fur of polar bears, generating heat through hollow-core fibres that trap air for greater insulation.

We have seen other garments such as NuDown also aiming to help the wearer better regulate their temperature in changing climates. What perhaps sets HotSquash apart is the emphasis on performance in a line that is designed to appear fashionable, with the functional qualities hidden beneath a high-street aesthetic. How else could clothing labels make their garments more adaptable to different weather?


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