In Romania, learner drivers practice theory on Google Street View

< 1 min read · 7 years ago



Bucharest-based Automobile Club of Romania has come up with a solution to a seemingly impossible problem: how to make driving theory practice more interesting. The answer, it seems, is to create questionnaires based on real Google Street View situations. Street View Test enables learner drivers to hone their traffic law knowledge using the streets they will eventually be driving on. Drivers can even add their own tips — identifying unruly traffic situations they have spotted on the Google Street View — for the organization to create questions from.

Users can take the interactive exams, which last 30 minutes and are comprised of 26 multiple choice questions, on their smartphone, tablet or computer. They are presented with interactive Google Street View images of driving situations, and they can adjust their view and zoom in and out to get a better handle of the problem before entering their answer. The platform currently uses the streets of Bucharest but the company hopes to expand it into a worldwide tool. Are there other innovative ways to help learners get to know the road?