Company hires out drones and pilots to construction sites and beyond

2 min read · 7 years ago


Photo: dronimages

Drones have a vast range of potential uses in construction, real estate and elsewhere, but the devices themselves are still expensive and require experience to use safely and effectively. We have already seen a number of companies such as Kitsplit and Lumoid adding drones to their repertoire of rentable equipment for those who cannot afford, or do not need to purchase one outright. Now, DroneBase takes it a step further, enabling commercial clients to hire a local drone and an experienced drone pilot at the push of a button.


DroneBase is a curated provider network which hires out skilled drone pilots and their equipment. Businesses can register their needs on the online platform, providing a short description of the task at hand — whether it be aerial imagery, video or mapping. DroneBase will then determine which system can fulfill the job best and provides the service at a significantly cheaper rate than using satellites or planes, or purchasing the equipment.

Companies can also download the DroneBase app which will host the resulting documentation and enable them to manage their projects and collaborate with their teams. DroneBase is currently in Beta: it is welcoming potential clients, as well as experienced pilots interested in joining the community. Could the company serve other industries as well?


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