Virtual workplace simulator enables companies to trial job candidates

2 min read · 6 years ago



In the past few years, we have seen virtual environments expand beyond the gaming and entertainment sectors and be implemented as useful test-driving tools in industries including real estate, design and retail. Now, Human iTech is an innovate HR management company that has created a virtual workplace simulation, which businesses can use for recruitment, personal assessment, on-the-job training and more.


Human iTech’s virtual world simulations is a digital application that can recreate a work organization — including the the various work positions, professional tasks and interactive situations — on the desktop. The user — whether a job candidate or current employee — plays their role in the virtual space, communicating via text or speech with virtual colleagues, completing appropriate tasks and activities, and making decisions associated with their job role. Work environments can be designed and customized to suit the specific needs of each client: every interaction and task can be adapted to best suit the businesses’ assessment criteria. Companies are provided with detailed reports, containing individual and comparative analysis about all candidates or employees.

Human iTech’s applications can also be used for job training and examination. How else could virtual environments be used in the workplace?


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