Feminist dating app rewards well behaved men

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Chivalry may not be completely dead but it can be pretty hard to come-by on dating sites. Unless, of course, that dating site is Bumble — the self-proclaimed feminist dating app — that has just launched its new ‘VIBee’ feature, which encourages good etiquette by rewarding well behaved male users with ‘VIBee’ status and bringing them to the forefront.


Bumble uses the same swipe-left, swipe-right mechanism as Tinder but aims to give female users a power boost by insisting they make the first attempt at communication. Once a match is made, if the woman doesn’t make contact in the first 24 hours, the match disappears. The new ‘VIBee’ system will employ a behavior metrics algorithm that monitors users’ behavior in order to encourage positive social interactivity and strong, online accountability. Those who have been found to be proactive and pursue healthy engagement will be awarded the top honor. The system doesn’t actually read any interactions, so users’ privacy is protected.

How else could dating apps sort the wheat from the chaff?

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