Platform matches smaller events with potential sponsors

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A thirty second half time ad at last week’s Super Bowl cost an astounding USD four million, which is all very well for brands such as Budweiser and Unilever, but now a new platform called HelloSponsor is looking to offer scalable opportunities for smaller brands and gigs — matching potential sponsors with medium sized events, which have remained undiscovered or overlooked.

HelloSponsor is an online platform, recently launched in the US, which aims to modernize event sponsorship by opening up new opportunities for brands and events alike. The company has been identifying events, which, though smaller in scale than some better known functions, have strong marketing potential. Event organizers can create a free listing on the HelloSponsor site, while brands can create a profile detailing their desired criteria — such as location, size, audience type, interest fields and other variables. The platform then finds matches and submits relevant events to brands. The brands can then review these options and contact event organizers directly via HelloSponsor, enabling them to manage sponsorship requests more efficiently.

HelloSponsor are building up a database of metrics and will provide a comprehensive interface to enable brands to monitor their investment and measure impact — detailing attendance, reach of promotional materials and other useful data. They will also act as a middleman between the two parties, looking after both the event organizer’s interests and those of the sponsor, though they do not take a commission.


The service is currently invite only, to ensure a high quality marketplace. Co-founder Greg Kubin says that the service is already very popular with food and beverage companies and it works particularly well at races — where the audience are often engaged, influential members of their community. What brands could benefit from such a service?


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