Platform lets businesses swap freebies for artist endorsements

< 1 min read · 7 years ago



The last decade has seen record sales decrease at an alarming rate and pop stars have often turned to product endorsements as a fruitful alternative income. While a partnership with Pepsi can earn big stars millions of dollars, new app Patrons hopes to bring together touring musicians and companies on a smaller scale — enabling businesses to ‘patronize’ the arts while providing artists with unique opportunities throughout their tours.


Currently in Beta, Patrons posits itself as a middleman between art and business. It provides a platform, in the form of a smartphone app, through which bands can promote their availability and businesses can approach them with customized offers. Whether it be trading a free haircut for a social media shout-out, a free hotel room for an acoustic set or a USD 100 bar tab in exchange for a DJ set, the developers see endless opportunities for matchmaking.

Are any there other services which could monetize the influence of potential ambassadors?


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