Free video platform is entirely dedicated to product reviews

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The video product review is a massively successful format — there are countless YouTube channels dedicated solely to clips of users demonstrating and assessing various items. Now,Picky is a free app that makes the process even easier — enabling customers to create and share 60-second video reviews on a dedicated platform.

To begin, users download the free app to their smartphone and create a profile. Then, they film a short clip using the smartphone camera — detailing their opinion of a product or place they have visited: they can simply narrate a written review or they can demonstrate any strong or weak features. Picky stipulates that the user must ensure they show the item or place in the video, to prove they are a real customer in possession of the product, otherwise the video may be removed. The user then posts the clip, along with hashtags and a short description. Videos are organized into categories such as sport or food and are ranked, so that the best reviews appear first.

How else could product reviews be presented in a more interactive, appealing manner?


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