Digital content platform lets users publish everywhere at once

2 min read · 7 years ago



Creating regular digital content is now the norm for most organizations, but it still takes time and a certain level of technical savvy. Posts have to be written, but also adapted and reformatted for an ever growing number of social marketing platforms — there is little existing automation for these tasks. Now, aimed at schools, non-profits and small businesses is a New Zealand-based startup Hail, which wants to streamline this process by offering a content creation and storage service that can be integrated with multiple platforms.

To begin, Hail users write their content directly into the easy-to-use platform — this can be done by an individual or collaboratively with other team members. Then, they simply choose which online platforms they want to share it on. Hail copy and images can be automatically adapted for Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger, saving staff significant time and frustration. Posts can also be reformatted for mobile or turned into a MailChimp newsletter. Every piece of content is stored in a searchable database, complete with metadata, enabling users to easily source and reuse old content for new posts.


Hail offers the Regular package for NZD 79 per month, which offers small publishers or groups up to 5,000 articles and 20,000 images per month. Who else could benefit from this integrated system?