An automated proof reading tool for legal documents

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Flickr/Ryan Melissa

The quality assurance and auto-correct functions prevalent in programming or text-based software are a big help to coders and writers. Now a startup is aiming to provide this auto-check tool for lawyers too. Drawing on frustrating experiences proofing 250-page contracts, lawyer Harry Zhuo came up with jEugene, an automated, intelligent software that will catch difficult-to-spot errors in legal documents.

The service was designed with the aim of detecting definitional errors, which are the most common and hardest mistakes to spot. It works by enabling users to upload a document, which the tool will scan and produce an analysis of in a few seconds. The result presents handwritten edits lawyers are used to seeing, and highlighted potential drafting mistakes in different colors. The proof reader can then go through the document and see if any revision is necessary. The web application can be deployed in a private cloud, and will generate better results the more it is used.

jEugene plan to charge a subscription fee per user. What are some other tedious processes prone to human error that could be automated?


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