In France, fashion firm turns old Christmas trees into sexy lingerie

2 min read · 7 years ago



As anyone who’s returned to work in the past week knows all too well, the festive season is truly over. In its wake, however, is the detritus of unwanted gifts, taken-down decorations and leftover food. We’ve previously seen Eden’s Paper attempt to make Christmas more eco-friendly with its plantable gift wrap that can be grown into vegetables. Now Organic Lingerie is targeting the niche tree wastage industry by recycling unwanted pine trees into underwear for women.

Created by Paris-based Do You Green, the shop sells a variety of underwear, night clothes, lingerie and even men’s pajamas, that are all made using a special material derived from pine trees. Called Pine Viscose, the fabric is made by treating the pine needles and bark from the trees and spinning it into an eco-friendly thread. Similar to Cashmere wool, Pine Viscose is silky and helps regulate body temperature and sweat through wicking. The dyes used by Do You Green are also sourced from non-toxic materials and the company has teamed up with designer Sophie Young to make the garments something consumers will likely actually want to wear.

Items in the Organic Lingerie shop range in the EUR 10 to EUR 50 region, or slightly more expensive for longer robes — in line with typical high street stores. Are there other ways that procurers could take advantage of seasonal wastage to optimize their sustainability efforts?


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