Blink 182′s Tom DeLonge is helping bands take control of their digital strategy

2 min read · 7 years ago


Tom DeLonge

Historically the music industry has been a hugely fragmented network, with the artist and consumer attempting to connect through a whole raft of middle men, from record company executives to third-party distributors. As well as potentially diluting artists’ message, each one takes a slice of the pie leaving bands with a raw deal. Hoping to change this, Modlife is offering a solution by providing the artists themselves with all the tools they need to monetize their entire output in one simple package.

Founded by Tom DeLonge — guitarist for pop-punk powerhouses Blink 182 and Angels & Airwaves — Modlife is a slick customizable dashboard that helps bands in every aspect of their online business strategies. Throught it, artists can sell digital and physical products and packages side by side, enabling them to upsell with ease and tap into the areas of the industry that are still thriving. Bands can also manage content paywalls, sell premium memberships, monitor social engagement and make their own mobile app through the service.

DeLonge explains that the service works best for multimedia artists with strong visual identities and imagination, and can also be used for tangible products — from hand-printed posters to baseball caps — and to boost both digital and physical music sales.

Modlife already counts Jack White, Pearl Jam and Kanye West amongst its clients and since it makes money through a revenue share, artists can maximize their income independently of record labels and ticket sellers. DeLonge himself suggests that his ideal client would be Tim Burton — so could the film industry benefit from a similar service, consolidating traditional products that are suffering in the digital age – DVDs and cinema tickets — with unusual merchandise or digital experiences to maximize income?


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