Life insurance company’s boring policy documents double as art that can hang on the wall

2 min read · 7 years ago



Many businesses are now realizing the value of engaging customers with an experience they won’t forget, by turning the usual mundane processes into fun ones. Dutch bank ABN Amro recently helped a customer to sell their house by building a fully-functioning rollercoaster inside of it to give prospective buyers a unique tour around the property. Now online life insurance company Beagle Street has launched its Positive Prints campaign, which brightens up policy documents with artworks by noted illustrators.

Life insurance is unfortunately a serious business, which means that applying and securing a deal can become a dour task. Not only that, but policy documents can get shoved in a file and forgotten about, making them difficult to retrieve when they’re needed. Believing that taking out life insurance should be a more positive affair — it does after all secure support for family members in the case of death — the UK’s Beagle Street wanted to make the process more enjoyable.

Working with artists Rose Blake (daughter of Roald Dahl illustrator Quentin Blake), Supermundane and RUDE, the company has created 3 bright designs printed on high quality paper that feature the slogan ‘Enjoy life’. Each print features the customer’s life insurance policy on the back. The idea is that the prints can be hung in the home so that customers never lose their important documents.

The campaign adds an element of pleasure and surprise to the dull process of taking out a life insurance policy. Are there other mundane business process that could be brightened up with positive design or experiential elements?


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