In Brazil, Knorr is turning old family recipes into beautiful infographic posters

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Today’s home cooks are now increasingly using expensive tablets to follow recipes in their messy kitchen, and can end up ruining the things. We recently wrote about Key Ingredients’ Recipe Tablet, which aims to solve that problem with its heat and spill-proof device. But what about those with handwritten family recipes that have been passed down through the ages? Food brand Knorr has now launched its Receitas de Familia scheme, which lets anyone snap a handwritten recipe to have it turned into a typographic instructional poster.

The campaign — which translates as ‘Family Recipes’ — is based on the fact that dining is often a very social event for Brazilians, involving friends and family. For this reason, many have recipes that have been in the family for generations, written down by grandparents or even great grandparents. In order to stop these getting ruined in the process of cooking, the Receitas de Familia scheme enables anyone to send a picture of the original handwritten recipe to have it preserved.

By tweeting the picture to @KnorrBrasil along with the hashtag #receitasdefamilia, Knorr’s team will recreate the recipe as a special visual version, which is then sent back to them as an image ready to print. Each poster uses a blackboard to create an infographic detailing each step of the recipe. It’s augmented with the real ingredients — including at least one Knorr product — placed on top of it to add illustration, then photographed to create the design, like below:


The campaign helps families to preserve the recipes that have been in their family for decades, recreating them as posters that can be hung in the kitchen for easy use. It also serves to remind the consumer that Knorr has a wide range of products that can be used in almost any recipe. While this is a marketing campaign, could this type of thing become a fully-fledged service, helping consumers to digitize precious items and documents for posterity?


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