Design-your-own bikini brand lets women shop by body shape

< 1 min read · 8 years ago



Over the years we’ve seen many startups tap into consumers’ desire to design their own clothes, from YrStore to Telfar Clemens. However, even if they can pick their own patterns, they’re still typically stuck with the same cuts that fit the non-existent average body shape. Picking up on this problem, Australia’s Kini Swimwear lets customers design their own bikinis while also helping them to pick items that will complement their physique.

Visitors to the online store do have the option to choose ‘ready to wear’ designs just like any standard store. Customers can also use the DIY tool to select their favorite bikini, tankini or one-piece design — from halterneck to underwire — as well as adding patterns, frills, colors and other features to create their perfect look.

On top of this, however, customers can also click the ‘Shop My Shape’ option to tailor their design even further by clicking the shape that best fits their body. Available options include hourglass, apple-shaped, pear-shaped, round and straight. This means that not only will the bikini reflect their style, but also fit their body.

Ready to wear designs start from around AUD 100, while personalized options range according to customers’ selections. Are there other way to help fashion consumers truly personalize the clothes they wear?