Ultra reflective beer coaster protects nocturnal walkers

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Walking home in the dark, after a night of drinking, can be a hazardous experience — especially in poorly lit areas such as South Africa’s townships. We have already seen a navigation app which shows users the best lit route home, and invisible glow in the dark spray paint for cyclists. Now, Edward Snell has created Reflector Protectors — ultra reflective disposable drink coasters that can make nocturnal walkers up to 900 percent more visible.

The Reflector Protector was created by advertising agency Y&R on behalf local liquor company Edward Snell and Co Ltd, who have distributed them to a number of bars in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The device can be used as a regular drink coaster before being transformed into a reflective patch for the walk home. Users simply peel off the top layer and attach it to their outer clothing, massively increasing their visibility for oncoming traffic.


Currently, an estimated five pedestrians per night are killed in South Africa walking home from bars and taverns, usually by cars who simply can’t see them. Could this scheme work elsewhere?

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