Premium, organic medical marijuana subscription delivery service

2 min read · 7 years ago



As the US legislations around medical marijuana relaxes, with almost half of the states either legalizing or decriminalizing the recreational and medical use of cannabis, we are seeing the development of an industry brimming with new businesses. Potbox joins this new breed of ventures by offering a gourmet, monthly subscription of organic, ethically grown medical marijuana for health-conscious — or high-living — smokers.

The service operates on a “club” model, asking users to submit information about themselves and their preferences upon joining. The company’s expert curators will use this information to find two strains of medical cannabis — the selection includes OG Kush, Blue Sour, Lemon Chunk, and more — and deliver a new Potbox every month for the user to try. All of the marijuana is sun-grown without chemicals, using organic soil with ethical farming practices, from seed selection to harvesting, production and packaging. The beautifully assembled boxes come with cork containers, pre-rolled joints and glass vials, reminiscent of the hugely popular makeup-sampling subscription Birchbox.


Potbox aims to elevate the quality of products in the marijuana industry, and develop a premium standard for the entire cannabis ecosystem. They are also aiming provide an alternative to the often distressing experience of visiting a dispensary, where the endless choices can be confusing. What will see next for the cannabis industry?


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