The One Mobile Trend You Can’t Ignore In 2015

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In 2014, apps changed the way brands interact with consumers – not only when it comes to traditional transactions, but by inspiring new ways for organizations to create value and trust. The shift in attention to apps is driven by a user base demanding ease of use, mobility, and quick benefit. In many ways, it’s users who are defining the future of mobile.

Until now, brands have kept up with the demand for new app development. As users evolve, so do their expectations. Supply and demand in the app space is higher than ever before; but the actual quality delivered doesn’t yet meet those expectations.

Mobile isn’t just a channel; it’s a behavior.

There’s a reason the mobile web wasn’t enough. Users interact with their phones in such personal, immediate and constant ways that the use of apps is a natural extension of their behavior, not necessarily for an additional promotional channel. Because of this, app users are looking for increasingly engaging experiences that deliver value. 

Growing app usage reflects this behavior – and high abandonment rates prove the point. App users are actively seeking out ways to further interact with great apps, but apps today aren’t living up to user expectations.

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Across all apps, time in app increased 21 percent this year, but there was still a 60 percent chance that if a user didn’t return to your app after seven days, he would never come back.

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Users are seeking out new and interesting apps, but aren’t waiting around to be wowed. In certain verticals, we’ve even seen the abandonment rate is higher (~23 percent) than the overall increase in time in app. The conclusion? Instead of producing more apps, it’s time to build better ones. 

Now, users want a bidirectional experience when interacting with apps – quite simply, they want an app that listens to them and optimizes accordingly. This means investing in creating truly personalized experiences and brilliant (and relevant) new features, but all with user expectations at the forefront. This year, we’ve seen the app industry rise and change rapidly, with users leading the charge and their experience at the forefront of what consistutes success.

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