How An Outsourced Sales Team Can Help You Realize Greater ROI Per Deal

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In B2B sales, generating leads is only the beginning. To win the business, you also have to follow up with those leads in a timely fashion. In order to maximize the return on investment (ROI) for your lead generation efforts, consider hiring an outsourced sales team that specializes in lead generation and appointment setting.

Learn three ways an outsourced sales partner helps drive ROI.

At some organizations, even the most experienced salespeople are expected to spend time on the phone following up with leads. Such an approach is detrimental to your reps and your revenue goals. You’re not making the best use of your sales veterans’ expertise in closing sales, which tends to reduce your ROI when finalizing deals.

While there are many different approaches to outsourced sales, there are two good reasons to partner with an outsourced sales team: 1) You have too many leads for your internal sales team to qualify in a timely and efficient manner, or 2) You don’t have enough qualified leads for your sales reps to close.

In either case, your sales pipeline is under-performing – and you need some way to drive more sales-qualified leads into the pipeline. One solution is to introduce an outsourced sales team specializing in lead generation and appointment setting. Each of these sales team members will receive specific lead generation training designed to maximize your lead generation ROI.

3 Ways Outsourced Sales Improves Your ROI

Partnering with an external team is an efficient, cost-effective way to keep the top of your sales funnel full, and it frees up your in-house team to focus on closing deals, renewals and upselling.

Here are three reasons your business should consider using outsourced sales to improve ROI:

  1. Achieve Growth Goals
    When you outsource lead generation for the top of your sales funnel, you avoid the increased overhead and administrative costs you would incur by simply hiring more internal sales staff. At the same time, an outsourced team makes it easier to consistently hit your growth targets. When you work with a sales partner, you’re able to adjust your necessary bandwidth and funnel size to perfectly fit your business.
  2. Improve Lead Quality And Conversion Rates
    Working with an outsourced lead generation partner increases the number of sales leads while also improving lead quality. Typically, you would work with the sales partner to agree on specific factors for qualifying leads to ensure you’re only going after ideal prospects. As a result, your conversion rate increases, improving your ROI.
  3. Reduce Ramp-Up Time
    Hiring a brand-new internal sales team is costly and time-consuming. If you were to start today, it could take a year or more until your team finally hits its stride. Meanwhile, during that time, the market could have shifted in significant ways. When you partner with an outsourced sales firm instead, you’re working with a seasoned, effective sales staff, while avoiding the hassles of recruiting and a long ramp-up time.

Lead generation is an essential part of capturing new business, but you need to make sure those efforts are resulting in closed sales. Partnering with a trusted outsourced sales firm is a great way to keep your sales pipeline full and maximize ROI for your lead generation efforts.

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