The Lazy “Sales” Days of Summer

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In mid-summer, many people – myself included – are taking time away from the office for family vacations or long weekend getaways. This downtime is vital to our health and productivity. Research shows that downtime replenishes the brain and spurs creativity.

For sales people who feel that they always need to stay “on” for customers, taking a real break can seem challenging. How can you nurture prospects? Can you afford not to engage with prospects while you’re on vacation? What if you miss an opportunity?

New sales analytics and automation capabilities are giving sales teams a solution. These technologies are making it possible for sales reps to take a break away from the office without prospects thinking that they’ve fallen into a black hole.

With email automation, sales reps can take a vacation and still keep their accounts warm. With email templates and email sequencing capabilities, reps can customize email templates, define a sequence, and automate a sales process that does the work in their absence.

With increased efficiencies, sales analytics and automation let sales teams enjoy the “lazy days of summer” and can also increase their productivity when they’re back in the office. Using these technologies, organizations are achieving up to 18% shorter average sales cycles, according to new Aberdeen Group research findings.

In addition, the gains aren’t limited to productivity. Organizations adopting these technologies can deliver greater customer personalization – something Aberdeen links to stronger lead acceptance and higher conversion rates. Research shows that nearly half of best-in-class companies personalize the customer experience.

For sales organizations, improving customer engagement is a top concern. With analytics to tailor customer interactions, provide management with performance insights, and automation to streamline the sales process, it’s an exciting time to be in sales.

Learn more about why sales analytics are becoming so vital to the sales process in this white paper “Why Sales VPs are Turning to Digital Listening to Accelerate Sales.”

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